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Thonburi Walking Tour


  • The area of Thonburi around the west end of the Memorial Bridge is actually one of the oldest settled areas of Bangkok. More recently, the district was the childhood home of the mother of the current King.

    This is a rather long walk. Depending on how much time you spend at each of the sights along the way.

  • WatPrayoon.jpg

    Wat Prayoon

    It is intriguing for the artificial hill in the compound, dotted with small chedis and frangipani trees, and surrounded by a pool filled with turtles. It was reportedly designed by King Rama III.

  • Watkalayanimit.jpg

    Wat kalayanimit

    stants out beacuse of its unusually tall sanctuary. The temple compound and monks quarters are substantially unchanged and this, combined with the riverside setting, produces one ot the few spots in the city where it is possible to picture the Bangkok of old.

  • KuanImShrine.jpg

    Kuan Im Shrine

    Facing the river not far from Wat Kalayanamit is an old shrine to Kuan Im, the goddess of mercy. No photography is allowed inside. The Kuan Im shrine is just a short walk down the river walk from Wat Kalayanamit.

  • ChurchofSantaCruz.jpg

    Church of Santa Cruz

    Also known as “Wat Kudichin” overlooking the Chao Phraya River, near Memorial Bridge and Wat Kalayanamit. This is the first Catholic Church in Thonburi. This area is an old community, also being the birthplace of a kind of famous cupcake, “Khanom Farank Kudichin”.

  • memorialbridge.jpg

    Memorial Bridge Pier

    or Phra Buddha Yodfa, the official name in Thai which is also the formal title of King Rama I. The locals call the pier Saphan Phut and it’s located near the Memorial Bridge, the first bridge over the Chao Phraya River built in 1932.

  • PrincessMotherMemorialPark.jpg

    Princess Mother Memorial Park

    The late Princess Mother was, by just about every measure, a truly extraordinary woman. Born a commoner in 1900, this daughter of a goldsmith rose to become the mother of two kings. Its entirely arguable that Her Royal Highness Princess Srinakarin, as she was to be properly known, was the person most responsible for shaping modern Thailand. She passed away in 1995.

  • KuanOuShrine.jpg

    Kuan Ou Shrine

    The shrine, or "godfather's hall" as they are called in Thai, almost certainly dates from before Bangkok's founding. This area was formerly the main port of Siam back in the time when Ayutthaya was the capital. The district was home to traders from many lands, including China and Portugual.

  • WatPichaiYathikaram.jpg

    Wat Pichai Yathikaram

    you can see the towering prang of the temple from the river, but in fact the temple itself is a somewhat forgotten corner of old Bangkok and is worth a visit if you're checking out some of the other sites in this part of the city.

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