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    Attractions Nearby...

    There are many attractions local to Sivalai place that are a walking distance or short taxi ride away. These include Temples, Theaters, Markets and Museums - some of Bangkok's must see locations.

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    Thonburi Walking Tour...

    The area of Thonburi around the west end of the Memorial Bridge is actually one of the oldest settled areas of Bangkok. More recently, the district was the childhood home of the mother of the current King. This is a rather long walk.

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    Supermarkets Nearby...

    There are many Supermarkets nearby to Sivalai Place selling all sorts of local and western foods, as well as home products, clothing and electrical items. A walk, bus or taxi ride will deliver you to one of the many supermarkets in the area.

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    Hawker Foods...

    The humble hawkers are a traditional and characteristic figure all over Thailand. Hawkers are easily found at street junctions on the walkways, along sois or lanes and practically everywhere.

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