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Our super-sized Swimming Pool with 'Ozone' non-chemical filtering system is perfect for lounging around on those hot bangkok days - It's also great for keeping in shape! So if it's sun-worshiping, Olympic work-outs or just a quick paddle after a long day - our pool is the place to hang out.

Located by the Pool is the poolside cafe, Male and Female changing rooms, sun loungers, attractive plants and a well maintained surrounding area. Guests are welcome to bring their friends or simply a good book and sunglasses! Please see below for more details about our special 'Ozone' cleaning system.

Ozone - What's it all about?

What is Ozone?

Ozone is active oxygen, O3. It occurs naturally in the earth's atmosphere to protect us from the sun's harmful rays.

What are some uses of ozone?

Some common uses are: pool and spa water purification, drinking water purification, waste water purification, and air freshening.

Will ozone hurt me?

No! In the quantities necessary to be effective ozone is very gentle to humans and equipment in the water. However, you should never breathe concentrated ozone gas. 

How is ozone different from chlorine?

In the quantities needed for water purification, it has no noticeable odor, taste or color. It is not irritating to humans or equipment. Ozone purifies water and air very quickly and efficiently, 3,125 times faster than chlorine. Ozone leaves no by??锟絧roducts except pure oxygen.

How is ozone produced?

Ozone can be produced by ultraviolet (UV) light or by corona discharge (CD).

Can the ozone in the poolirritate skin or eyes like chlorine in pools?

No! Ozone is very gentle to skin and eyes.

Will ozone affect my pH?

Ozone is pH neutral. It will not adversely affect th PH.

Will ozone kill bacteria?

Yes. It is one of the most effective, complete bactericides of all Earth’s measurable elements.

Will ozone kill viruses?

Yes. Ozone kills virtually all known forms of viruses in water and air.

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  • Sweet Studio only 1,200 THB (from 1,450THB)
  • 1BR Double only 1,600 THB (from 1,850 THB)
  • 1BR Twins only 1,700  THB (from 2,050 THB)
  • 2BR President Suite 3000 THB (from 3,500 THB)

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