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Travel Safely-Beware of Scam!


  • Source: Bangkok Tourism Division

    • Government does not have any promotion or sale on any day.

    • Government does not help subsidizing in any case & they cannot force tuk-tuk or taxi driver to charge you at a fixed rate.

    • Normally, tuk-tuk driver will work as a team. Nice people walking along the street, people you meet in the temple or even someone from your own country can be one of the team too so, do not trust them. Jewelry and suit shops they will take you to are another kind of scam because they are either fake or at low quality (so, do not go with tuk-tuk).

    • You can be locked up in any jewelry shop & forced to spend your money on something you do not want.

    • NOTHING IS FREE. Do not accept things from stranger such as bird food, picture, hat, postcard, etc. unless they tell you the exact price &you agree on that. Do not care whether they said it is for you or it is free; leave the whole thing on the floor if they insist not to take it back.

    • There is NO lucky Buddha; that is a part of their cheating tricks.

    • The Grand Palace & the Temple of the Emerald Buddha is open from 08.30 AM until 04.00 PM. Ticket will be sold until 03.30 PM & you must buy your own ticket inside which will cost 250 baht for each person.

    • The Grand Palace &the Temple of the Emerald Buddha do not close during lunch time. Sometimes you cannot get inside the Palace during Royal ceremony then you do not have to pay for the admission fee.

    • The Grand Place and Temple of the Emerald Buddha require that you must dress properly but, do not worry, you can deposit 100 baht for renting the proper cloth inside the Grand Palace and you will get your money back when things are returned (free rental).

    • Be careful of fake travel agents with TAT licenses posted on the windows. Their can be either fake or expired and they will certainly overcharge you; ask me if you need to contact a travel agent.

    • Beware of Fake tourist guides. A good one will not have to wait alone the street and look for customers (remember this!).

    • Every time you get in a taxi meter, you have to tell the driver to start a meter and if they deny, just leave their car and get another one. No negotiation is needed because you will be overcharged anyway.

    • If you have been scammed, please call Tourist Police at 1155. Travelers needing assistance relating to safety, unethical practices, or other matters, please call the Tourist Assistance Centre immediately (Tel: 281 -5051, 282-8129) or contact the Tourist Police (Tel: 678-6800- 9 or 1699). We wish you an enjoyable & safe trip inside Bangkok & around! Sivalai Place 168 Soi Isaraphab 33 Isaraphab rd Thaphra Bangkok Yai Bangkok THAILAND

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