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    Chinatown Tram

    Yaowarat Sightseeing Tram (China town) Bangkok Metropolitan Administration provides a tram (Free) to admire the various atmosphere around Chinatown (Yaowarat) ...

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    Bangkok Green Bike

    Green Bangkok Bike (Rattanakosin Bike Tour) Bangkok Metropolitan Administration offer you a Free Bangkok Bike Tour. Borrow (Free) Bangkok bike from 8 service counters around Rattanakosin Area ...

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    Rattanakosin Tram

    Sightseeing Tram Around Rattanakosin Island Bangkok Metropolitan Administration provides another atmosphere of sight seeing which give syou an opportunity to absorb the history value around Rattanakosin Island ...

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    9 Temples

    Thai temples influence life, culture and education and the 'Wat' is very much a community center. In Bangkok it is also a place of silence where you can hide from the stress and traffic of the outside world ...

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    Muay Thai

    Of all the stadiums in Bangkok two are regarded above all the others. These are Lumpini Stadium and Rajadamnern Stadium. The Thai's being small people do not have as many weight classes as say international boxing at these stadiums ...

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    Sivalai Travel Tips

    Getting around Bangkok is cheap, fun and easy - however, there are a few dodgy charactors and scams you need to be aware of before you start ...

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Now- 25th July 2014 

*all rate min.stay 3 nights

  • Studio Room 1,000 THB (from 1,450 THB)
  • 1BR (Double) 1,200 THB (from 1,850 THB)
  • 1BR Deluxe(Double/Twin) 1,400 Baht
    (from 2,050 THB)
  • 2BR Supreme 2,000 Baht (from 2,550 THB)
  • 2BR Supreme Deluxe 2,200 Baht from 3,050 THB)
  • 2BR President Suite 2,500 Baht (from 3,500 THB)

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